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Where are the Best Games?

MegaTF is played all day long, but is most active in the evenings and on weekends. Players are often busy with school and work during the day. Also, most clan matches and practices take place on the weekend, so often the best players warm up and sharpen their skills at that time.

The following is a list of addresses for several excellent servers. You can add these addresses directly into your 'Play MegaTF!' program, or simply type 'connect (address)' once you have connected to a server to change games.

Server NameMaps PlayedServer Address
Daboyz2Fort5 Ewg3 H4rdcoredaboyz.org
Biscuit East2Fort5biscuitservers.net
Biscuit Midwest2Fort5biscuitservers.net:27550
Zap East2Fort564.156.64.3:27510
Zap WestTown2208.201.224.245
Zap West2Fort5208.201.224.245:27520
Exec PC(Various Maps)
Exec PC(Various Maps)
The No Remorse Server2Fort5209.39.192.74
Innergamer Networks2Fort5megatf.net
Northern StarIceland2star.northern.ca

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