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You've played on their members on servers.
You've seen that they have skills.
Now you think you might like to join a MegaTF clan.

What is a Clan?

A MegaTF clan is very similar to a team. A clan is simply a group of MegaTF players who practice and play matches together, typically against other clans. In a clan, you play with the same people once or twice a week, allowing you to learn how they play, and develop a communication system with your clanmates. As a part of a clan, you will find that you are able to accomplish a lot than you ever could alone. Plus, you'll learn a lot more about MegaTF, meet people, and make friends to chat and play MegaTF with.

Why Join a Clan?

If you love playing MegaTF, and want to play with a team of dedicated players, a clan may be the best thing for you. You can learn a lot, make new friends, and be a part of something great. Plus, you get to practice and play in clan matches.

Clan matches are also the most exciting, intense experience any MegaTF player will ever enjoy. A match between two clans is a 30 minute adrenolin rush. Each clan attempts to capture the other teams flag as often as possible, while defending their own. Each match is non-stop action, with dozens of spectacular moves and brilliant plays. Far superior to the disorganized games you will find on public server, clan matches are well-organized, with every player on both teams working toward a goal. After an intense clan match, the participants are typically both exhilerated, and exhausted. That's how powerful an experience a good clan match is.

What are the Names of Some Clans?

Several MegaTF clans exist. I'm certain this list will be out of date as soon as I finish it, but right now the clans that come to mind are:

[BeL] Brotherhood of Eternal Lag
[Bs] BombSquad
[CaQ] Canibalisitc Amish Quakers
[DDB] DoomsDay Brigade
[ET] EuroTrash
[GE] Genetically Engineered
[LsD] Long Slow Death
[MDK] Murder, Death, Kill
[nR] No Remorse
[OP] Omega Prime
[POTR] Protectors of the Realm
[RoT] Reign of Terror
[RR] Rocket Revengers
[RTS] Redundancy Team Squad
[SF] Special Forces
[WDR] Warriors of the Digital Realm
[Z] Clan Z

Keep in mind, you can only be in one clan at a time. Each of these clans have many talented players. A player joining any clan should learn a great deal about the game and have a lot of fun in the process.

Am I Good Enough to Join a Clan?

You need to practice before joining a clan, but you don't need to be the best. Are you willing to learn and follow orders? Will you be able to attend at least one practice a week? The answers to these questions will better determine if you are ready to join a clan or not.

Also, think about what position you plan to play. The following is a list of common positions and classes used in clan practices and matches. The first entry in each column is the most frequently used class.

Defensive SoldierOffensive Scout
Defensive DemomanOffensive Spy
Defensive EngineerOffensive Demoman
Defensive SniperOffensive Heavy Weapons Guy
Defensive Heavy Weapons GuyOffensive Soldier
Defensive Medic
Defensive Pyro

You need think about which of the above roles you'd like to play. Defensive soldier is a popular position - every defense needs several good soldiers. If you've practiced defending a position and your flag, you may want to try out as a defensive soldier. Demomen and engineers are used frequently on defense too.

Offensive scout is another common class. When the enemy doesn't have a sentry gun, a skilled scout can sneak in and speed past several defenders and steal the enemy flag. If you can scout well, you have the basic skills of an offensive player.

With offense however, you need to be good at two different classes. Why? Most defenses will use an engineer and build a sentry gun near the flag. Sentry guns kill scouts fairly easily. Even the best scouts have trouble with sentry guns. You will need to have some expertise as a spy, demoman, or heavy weapons guy to eliminate enemy sentry guns.

If you can play both scout and a heavy class, you're in great shape to try out as an offensive player.

It helps to think about this stuff. If you have an idea of what class and where you want to play, you're more likely to find a good fit with a clan. You don't want to play soldier if you love playing engineer. Both you and your clan will lose if you don't have an idea of what classes you enjoy playing, and what role.

Okay, I Understand all that, How do I Join a Clan?

At least one clan is recruiting at any given time. In most cases, you simply need to apply with a clan, and they will give you a try out. If you conduct yourself well, (both playing well yourself and keeping a cool head no matter what) you stand a good chance of making it into a clan.

How Do I Apply to Join a Clan?

The first thing to do is to check for openings in clans posted on the MegaTF Recuiting Messageboard. If you post a message on this board saying you would like to join a clan, clan leaders will review your information and get in touch to setup a tryout. Be sure to include your contact information, (email, ICQ, IRC handle) the positions you play, and the nights you are available to practice. Click Here to open the MegaTF recruiting board.

Another good way to join a clan is to go to where they hang out and apply. MegaTF isn't just about killing each other. The game has evolved into a community. Each clan has a chatroom in which their members spend time talking, planning, and just goofing around.

Click on the menu item (at the top left of this page) labeled: "How do I Join a Chat Room?" and follow the instructions listed there. In no time, you'll be connected to a chatroom and can ask any clan you wish if they have any openings.

A few more things: Good luck with your tryout. Remember, some of the best MegaTF players didn't make it into a clan on their first try, so don't get discouraged if you mess up.

All clans are different too. If a member of a clan treats you badly during or before you get to tryout, they're probably too immature to bother with, and are wasting your time. Just leave their chatroom, and apply with a better clan.

You don't deserve any kind of poor treatment simply because you're new to clan life.

If none of the above works, and you're still eager to join a clan, drop by the #megahelp channel on irc.mediajoint.net. Someone there will be glad to help.

"I freaking love everything about clan matches.
I get so into scouting sometimes I have to stop myself after I cap because I am shaking so badly.
Its like I'm out of it for 35 minutes and come back to the real world afterward." - [Bs]DoDaDoof