July 15, 2002

For those that have been in a hole the past week, CaQ has returned. It's probably important that I mention a few things since people enjoy asking me the same questions daily.

1) We are recruiting, but I'm not prepared to actually take members. Probably sounds odd, but our first practice isn't until Sunday and I have no intentions of recruiting players until I find out exactly what I need.

2) Clan =) is not dead. I was the only member to initially quit the clan, and believe it or not I didn't secretly ask ex-CaQ members to return. In fact most had no idea I was going to do this.

3) We are not joining the Sta right now, but we -might- play in the biscuit bowl for fun. I wouldn't expect us to be on a very competitive level that soon though.

4) The roster will show who is in CaQ. Quit asking me about people leaving other clans for CaQ. If someone is leaving for CaQ then they haven't told me about it.

As I mentioned earlier our first practice is Sunday. There is a chance that one or two people will be invited to practice with us. We'll see though.